Department of OBGYN


What to Expect

Mentorship is an important part of academic and professional development and undoubtedly cultivates careers. Women’s health physician mentorship program is voluntarily for new physicians. The mentees will receive one -on -one peer mentoring as well as feedback such as communication and managing conflict. This is a great opportunity to improve networking and professional interaction. The mentorship program is a supplement to the guidance that each physician recieves from his or her physican's Division Chiefs and Medical Directors.

Each mentorship is unique, and the collaborative nature should be decided by the pairs themselves. Both mentors and mentees will be asked to participate in the evaluation of the program.  The Womens Health Mentor List.

Benefits for Mentees:

  •   Guided Organizational Orientation
  •   Improve Networking Skills
  •   Expand Professional and Personal Networks
  •   Clinical Advice and Support
  •   Guidance and Support to Understanding Systems and Performance Metrics

Benefits for Mentors:

  •   Satisfaction of Transferring Knowledge
  •   Opportunity to Re-examine Own Process, Attitudes and Values
  •   Further Develop Leadership Skills
  •   Strengthen Interpersonal Relationship Skills 
  •   Increased Personal Satisfaction


Meeting 1: Relationship Dimension

GOAL: Build Rapport and Trust

Meeting 2: Informative Dimension

GOAL: Shed light on any area that Mentee has questions or does not have a full understanding around how UPMC and/or the department operates.

Meeting 3: Facilitation Dimension

GOAL: Focused Discussions around Professional Development

Semi Annual Meeting: Continuing Support Dimension

  • Evaluate Progress
  • Provide Feedback and Insight
  • Address any Areas of Concern
  • Re-visit Informational Resources as Necessary
  • Review Future Objectives and Set Targets for Future Action

Addtional questions regarding the mentor program:
Diane Lehman, Division Administrator