Department of OBGYN

Current Faculty Information

Upcoming Seminars

These are great seminars and several members of the Department, including Nicole Donnellan and Sharon Achilles, have attended in the past.  The Department will financially support all that that are accepted.

Career Development

The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs is dedicated to Career Development.  Opportunities available at

Faculty Promotion

The Department of OB/GYN/RS of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is sincerely invested in the long term success of its faculty. Promotion planning is best begun very early in one’s career, with the guidance and support of division chiefs and department chairs as well as additional mentors. There are various pathways to promotion, depending upon faculty interest and activity. Links on this page to information and resources may help faculty navigate the promotion process.

Faculty should contact Shannon Tatomir, Pitt Department Administrator, at or 412-641-3003 for assistance in submitting their promotion.