Department of OBGYN

Community Providers

The department offers many clinical opportunities for residents in rural, urban, and suburban settings.  The clinical faculty take seriously their commitment to the education of future providers.  These teaching activities take place in community practice offices, inpatient units including labor and delivery, and the operating room both at Magee and at community-based UPMC hospitals in the region. The goal of these efforts is to provide a “real world” environment to experience the presentation and management of obstetrical and gynecological issues. Clinical care in the community setting often requires a different approach than that of an academic medical center, and the clinical faculty provides myriad examples of surgical techniques, case management, and physician interaction with patients, colleagues, and staff.  

These group practices use a team approach to providing patient-centered, evidence-based, quality care to the women in their care.  Many of our surgeons are well-trained in laparoscopy and robotics and have a high surgical volume. Residents who are interested in becoming a general Ob/Gyn physician can participate in an elective rotation with any of these groups in the patient offices to experience what their day-to-day office routine really entails.  The faculty enjoy being a part of the residency program and continue to learn from the residents as much as they learn from them.

The following community-based faculty groups practice at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital & UPMC East:


Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Pittsburgh (OGAP)

5 office locations / 4 Advanced Practice Providers

  • Kathleen Carroll, MD
  • Renata Hoca, MD
  • Michaela Lamonde, MD
  • Kelly McCune, MD
  • Gretchen Reinhart, MD
  • Amanda Sample, MD
  • Anne Shaheen, MD


Greater Pittsburgh Ob/Gyn (GPOB)

8 office locations / 6 Advanced Practice Providers

  • David Badway, MD
  • Emily Curtain, MD
  • Constantine Kralios, MD
  • Daniel Lattanzi, MD
  • Michael Lupinetti, MD
  • Stephanie Nicholas, MD
  • Victoria Quimpo Moretti, MD
  • Marydonna Ravasio, DO
  • Ira Rock, MD
  • Samuel Seiavitch, MD
  • Samantha Vilano, MD
  • Colleen Wells, DO
  • Ekaterina Yatsuba, MD


Womancare Associates (WCA)

21 office locations / 10 Advanced Practice Providers

WCA South Group

  • Morgan Figueroa, CNMW
  • Jennifer Goldby, CNMW
  • Nancy McBride, MD
  • Ashley O’Keefe, MD
  • Abby Phillips, DO
  • Madison Rice, CNMW
  • Evan Shikora, DO
  • Lee Ann Swanson, MD
  • Harati Tatineni, MD


WCA North Group

  • Natalie Brzoza, MD
  • Carole Chesin, MD
  • Michael England, MD
  • Courtney Fleissner, MD
  • James Garver, MD, PhD
  • Allison Hartford, DO
  • Rachel Poerschke, CNMW
  • Deborah Sommer, MD
  • Jamie Cannon Wright, MD


WCA East Group

  • Sandra Blaser, CNMW
  • Margaret Chory, MD
  • Alice Cline, CNMW
  • Ashwini Dhokte, MD
  • April Dunmyre, DO
  • John Fisch, MD
  • Jessica Jankowski, CNMW
  • Andrew Kellerman, MD
  • Meghan Minnock, DO
  • Sandra Rygg, MD
  • Elizabeth Seiders, MD
  • Katie Turgeon, MD


The following community-based faculty groups practice at one of the UPMC community-based hospitals:

Magee-Womens Specialties at UPMC Bedford-Altoona

3 office locations / 5 Advanced Practice Providers

  • Diane Adams, MD
  • Ralph Aldinger, DO
  • Amy Anderson, MD
  • Francis Bassani, DO
  • Draion Burch, DO
  • Stacey Carlitz, DO
  • Elizabeth Franks, CNMW
  • Theodore Hovick, Jr, MD
  • Holly Kifer, CNMW
  • David Lee, MD
  • Jill Linton, CNMW
  • Spyridon Marinis, MD
  • Lindsay Mastrine, DO
  • Marina Opida, MD
  • Lindsey Penezic, MD
  • Sharon Roscia, CNMW
  • Gamal Saleh, MD
  • Robin Torres, MD


Magee-Womens Specialties at UPMC Hamot

3 office locations / 5 Advanced Practice Providers

  • Salma Ashraf, MD
  • Christopher Harvey, MD
  • Tawsufe Majid, MD
  • Anand Noticewala, MD
  • Carla Picardo, MD
  • Timothy Weibel, MD


Magee-Womens Specialties at UPMC Horizon

1 office location / 5 Advanced Practice Providers

  • Ira Abramowitz, MD, MS
  • Janice Agnew, CNMW
  • Sarah Benckart, CNMW
  • Amber DePra, CNMW
  • Kelly DeVoogd, DO
  • Anne Dobrzynski, MD
  • Marielle Gross, MD, MPH
  • Qudsia Ladani, DO
  • Christine Nagy, MD
  • Rachel Sieman, CNMW
  • Elizabeth Wirth, MD


Magee-Womens Specialties at UPMC Northwest

1 office location / 3 Advanced Practice Providers

  • Linda Barnhart, DO
  • Eric Fackler, MD
  • Charity Hansford, CNMW
  • Bart Matson, DO
  • William McGrail, MD
  • Michelle Wright, MD