Department of OBGYN

Division of Ultrasound

The Division of Ultrasound is one of only a few dedicated Ob/Gyn ultrasound imaging services in the country. The faculty are all  Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists or specially trained Gynecologists who merge clinical experience with diagnostic ultrasound expertise for the evaluation of routine and complex gynecologic and obstetric issues. We offer targeted pelvic imaging procedures including sonohysterography, 3D pelvic imaging, and pelvic floor ultrasound studies to assist with surgical planning. Complex fetal diagnoses are evaluated using real-time 2D and 3D ultrasound imaging. We also perform genetic diagnostic procedures (chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis) and provide guidance for fetal therapeutic procedures including percutaneous umbilical cord sampling/intrauterine transfusion and laser photocoagulation for treating Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. 

Faculty interpret over 90,000 exams yearly; with a large referral base across Western-Pennsylvania, our residents are exposed to a wide range of complications requiring sonographic evaluation throughout their four years of training. Dedicated resident ultrasound rotations in the first- and second-year are focused on hands-on scanning skill acquisition, working side-by-side with our talented sonographers. Many residents return to work more closely with ultrasound faculty or continue to advance their imaging skills on elective rotations. 

Current Division Faculty

Anna Binstock, MD
Noedahn Copley-Woods, MD
Bonnie Coyne, MD
Tiffany E. Deihl, MD
Stephen P. Emery, MD
Rosemary J. Froehlich, MD, Division Residency Education Director
Richard S. Guido, MD
David E. Kauffman, MD, Division Director
Jacob Larkin, MD
Sami Makaroun, MD
Christina M. Pisani-Conway, MD
Sarah Rogan, MD, PhD
Allison Serra, MD, MPH
Paul D. Speer, MD
Isabelle Wilkins, MD